Betting on the ice hockey, get a £200 bonus using the bet365 offer code

If you’re on oxford stars then you’ve obviously expressed an interest in the Ice Hockey, Well we’re happy to inform you that if you like watching ice hockey you will now be able to bet on it at Bet365 who currently offer markets on both the professional leagues and non professional leagues, whether you’re interested in betting on the UK leagues or the american leagues you will now be able to do so with a lot of starting collateral if you use the bet365 promo code that has been provided by a site which has compared and provided all of the correct promo codes for every bonus that has been provided by Bet365.

Ice Hockey is actually one of the easier sports to bet on, this is because a lot of the UK betting sites dont actually pay that much attention to the markets and therefore aren’t able to spot where they’ve over or under valued their teams. This means that if you’ve got a basic knowledge and understanding of the teams in the NHL you should be able to make a bit of extra money in this market.

Using the bet365 offer code above will get you access to their second welcome bonus which is an on the move bonus, basically in order to get the additional £50 from bet365 you will need to download their mobile application from the apple app store or from the website directly if you are to use an android device. This bonus is another 100% bonus which will be applied for the first £50 stake that you put through the bet365 mobile application.

As you can see from whats on offer there is a lot of value with having a Bet365 account so if you’re going to be placing bets on the Oxford stars or any ice hockey team for that mater take a look at Bet365.…

Team trip and our flight was delayed, we got compensation and so can you!

Last year we took a team trip away to the Canary Islands, but unfortunately we were the unlucky ones and our flight had been delayed! There is nothing more infuriating than being delayed for hours on end especially when you’re flying home, all the excitement of going has faded and the thought of coming back to work definitely doesn’t help. Well fortunately when we got back we did a bit of research on what we can do to make this better for the team and apparently there is an EU law that has come about which actually allows you to claim flight delay compensationas there were well over 20 of us on the trip we didnt have the time to claim for everyone individually so we actually researched which are good flight delay compensation companies to use and decided on using Flight Delay Specialists We found using them to be incredibly easy, all we had to do was fill out the form on site where we had to write any information that we had about the flight we took such as how long we were actually delayed for, what dates the flight was on and was there a reason for the flight delay itself. Once this was submitted with in 24 hours we were contacted by one of their staff who saw through the compensation claim from start to finish.

How long did our flight delay claim take?

Well we were actually pretty surprised by this, on their site they said it can take between 3 – 5 months to be processed and for the money to be sent over, however in reality this was actually a lot quicker the time took was probably around 2 months before we got our pay out and boy were we happy, each member of the team managed to get back £450 which pretty much paid for their holidays in the first place. To be honest this was one of the most simple compensation processes that any of us have had to do, it was literally fill out the form sit back and relax if there are any updates on the case you will be contacted on a monthly basis by one of the flight delays team who will contact you via phone to let you know which stage they are up to with the final benefit being that they currently work …

Know Your Betting Limits When Playing At The Best Betting Sites

Even when you have chosen the, it is important that you should know your betting limits. This alone will protect you from losing money on betting. Here are certain things to remember in this regard, such that you can bring down your losses without any trouble whatsoever:

What if the losing trend continues?

When you continue to lose money, it is important that you should not try to get out of it by placing more wagers. On the other hand, you should be focused towards your objective and should have a single track mind in continuing with your final goal. Here, it is important that you should know when to stop. The thing to remember here is that even when you lose, you have the chance to win next time and never lose your confidence and cool. The best practice you can follow is to divide your money between bets. Remember not to spend the entire money on a single time when you visit the best betting sites. It is suggested that you should split the bets within the seasons or the game of sports that you continue to follow.

Consider it as a business:

To avoid losses, you should carry out your betting as if it is a business. This mindset will help in cautiously investigating each and every move. Also, keep yourself aware of the fundamentals and betting terminologies. You should have the complete knowledge of game rules, and also, you should develop knowledge about individual players and teams.

Find the sites that offer best odds:

When you look at different betting sites, each one of them will be offering different odds. Here, when you fix your betting limits, it is better to search for a site that offers better odds. Remember to check out the rules of the website and also remember to keep yourself aware of the general gaming rules. In addition, gather details about the payout rules of the website and the banking rules.

Promotions should be known:

You can make the best use of promotional offers given by the best betting sites only when you are aware of the available offers. Remember that most portals provide signup bonus, and you will get a certain percentage as a bonus on your deposit. Check this detail before signing up with any website to make sure whether you choose a reliable website that offers …

Claiming free bets from gambling websites

Most gambling websites have promotional offers which usually involve entering a promo code and depositing a set amount of money and then betting that money on a first bet. The bookmaker will then usually reward you with a free bet that matches the amount you deposited and placed that can be used on any of the markets available on the website.

A lot of gambling websites tend not to bother with the promo code but ones such as Betfair and SkyBet do like to use them, when betting on Betfair on the market of your choosing, they will ask you to enter the promo code as you bet, there is a little box to type in the code.

You will receive the promo code in the original sign up email that Betfair send to your email address after you have registered an account with them for the first time. Once you have found the promo code and entered it, you will need to place the first bet that triggers the free bet to come through into your account. You can bet on any of the markets and sporting events available unless you are told otherwise by the relevant gambling websites in question.

Once that free bet is deposited into your account, you are then free to use that bet on any of the markets or sports on offer, you can even use it on an in-play bet or Asian Handicap. Usually you have to have won a certain amount back from the free bet before they will let you withdraw the funds into your account but if you choose wisely then this should be a formality and you can earn a nice amount of money for free.…

Which are the best online slots uk?

With so many different slot machines to choose from it can sometimes be quite difficult to find the right game for you, and lets face it whats worse than losing money then on a game you hate. Well fortunately there are plenty of different games for you to try out so it may be worth checking out as these guys review all the best online slots in the UK. Once you have read over the reviews you will then be able to make a decision on where you think it will be best to sign up an account. Fortunately these guys also go into detail when reviewing casinos for you to play at and even go as far to provide you with the link to the best bonus that they supply. All you need to do is read the review and make a decision on whether you want to play at that casino or not.

There is no set best slots game, everyone has different tastes and every slot tends to be different from the rest thanks to so many software providers who each have their own different style that they like to apply to every slot, if you want a futuristic slot experience with a backing track to match it then you should definitely take a look at playing one of the netent games, if you’d prefer to sit back and play a classic style of slot then maybe have a look at at a playtech slot.

As you can see there is plenty of different distinguishing features for you to choose from, and while there are plenty of sites out there dedicated to reviewing and ranking the different slot games it is only you who can make the choice as to which slot machine they favour the most.…

Which bookies has the best offers?

With so many bookmakers currently on the internet it can sometimes be hard to find which bookies offer is the best, there are literally hundreds of online betting sites that are currently operating on the internet, some are good, some are bad and some you really need to stay away from if you value your own money.

How do you find the best bookies offers?

the next step is to try and track down which are the best bookies offer , there are plenty of sites out there nowadays which will display in a nice neat table a selection of offers ranked in the order from top to bottom stating which are the best and which are the worst. What we tend to do when gambling online is make our way down the list of offers claiming each one of them, at the end of the day they are free money so why the hell not. For those of you wanting to find a website like this then we advise you check out for more information on the bonuses that are currently available at your disposal. This site also reviews every offer that is available giving you brief overview of the free bet terms and conditions and also what you need to do prior to claiming this in order to fulfil the bonus.

What should you be looking out for?

There are a few things that we advise you to look out for before you take a bonus, and this all starts by looking at the terms and conditions of the bonus on offer. In these terms you will be able to find out all about what limitations you may face and what rules you will have to abide by. If you end up breaking these rules you could end up forfeiting your free bet and eventually have your account closed.

Keeping all this in mind we wish you good luck when betting and remember that you shouldn’t chase your losses, emotions will ruin anyones gambling game so keep your emotions out of all this.…

Are Free Spins The Most Popular Casino Bonus?

Some of you may be wondering why an Ice Hockey appreciation page is writing about casino, well this isn’t just about our love for Ice Hockey we aim to cover all of our interests which include casino bonuses. Customers are quickly turning to free spins bonuses as a great way of banking a little extra cash without ever having to deposit your own money. There are plenty of different websites which compare the best bonuses but we’ve especially found to be one of the best no deposit free spins guide for UK casinos simply because of the great selection of casino bonuses that they have available on just one site.

Some of you may be thinking what makes free spins a much better offer than a no deposit bonus, I guess for us we’ve just found these promotions to last much longer than any of the other casino bonuses simply because you can only use one spin at a time, where as with a no deposit bonus you can use it all in one go and once its gone its gone, which means you get more chances to win money from the casinos without having to deposit any of your own money, see it sounds great right?

Well there are a few downsides to these types of bonuses and one of them is the low amount of cash that you can actually win, unfortunately each spin will only count for a penny (or more dependent on the casino that you are playing at) meaning that your winnings can be severely reduced. However don’t let this put you off with each spin you take you will still get the chance to win the jackpots on many slots which can potentially make you a millionaire over night so why on earth wouldnt you try this? Sign up today and get yourself a no deposit free spins bonus.…

Oxford Stars Has A New Sponsor

Hey guys thought it would be a good time to introduce to you are brand new sponsor, these guys are growing very big on the internet providing customers with free bets giving you and us the chance to place a bet on the Oxford Stars winning a bet.

So without further a do here they are Free Bet Promo Code a place where you will be able to find promo codes like the Betfred promo code – Bet £10 Get £30 which is a great way to boost your initial bank roll and win some serious cash while watching your favourite ice hockey team play.

What you can expect from our new sponsors is they will have their logo featured on our team kit, they will be providing us with new equipment and will help sell tickets from their website for any new fans wanting to get involved in the Oxford Stars community. So why don’t you check them out today you may even win some serious cash in the process.

With the new season upon us we’re looking to raise as much cash as we possibly can, the more money we have the further we will be able to go and the better the equipment we will be able to get so we would really appreciate it if you can try and get the Oxford Stars name out there and get new sponsors on board so we can raise some more cash to help out the team.…

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