Why have you started a membership scheme?

Following an instruction at our last Annual General Meeting the committee was asked to look at the possibility of launching a membership scheme. It soon became clear that with all the changes occurring around Oxford Stars this season, it was an ideal time to launch the membership scheme. We hope that those of you who join as members will feel part of the Oxford Stars “family” You may also save yourselves a “few pennies!”

Why do you need a photograph with the membership form?

Quite simply so that we can control the membership benefits we are offering. To use a voucher from your membership booklet you will also have to present your membership card and by having your picture on the card it will ensure that only members obtain the benefits of being a member of the Supporters Club. Photos can be sent electronically, indeed we prefer this, as we can then print them straight on your membership card.

Where does the money go that we spend at the Supporters Club Table?

Stock has to be purchased and we are always looking for good deals on merchandise and believe that this season we have  suppliers who both supply in the right quantity and the right quality. Like with all businesses we have some “overheads” although most small expenses tend not be claimed back by the committee members. After this the money we have is donated to the Stars. We, as the Supporters Club DO NOT sponsor individual players. The money is given to the Stars management for them to spend.

What new lines of merchandise will you be selling this season?

The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that we are getting some Oxford Stars pens. We are also looking at several NEW items that will retail at the lower end of the price range. By that we mean at £5 or less. Many of these also have the effect of advertising the Stars. Details will be announced on the website when we have the items in our possession.

If I have an idea who should I contact?

All ideas are welcome. All our considered.  At the first Committee meeting of the year we have “brain storming” on several areas of our policies. All of the committee are actively encourage to bring forward ideas, even the “whacky” ones. Sometimes, out of two half ideas, one good idea can be formed. Contact us on home matchdays at the Supporters club, normally at least one member of the Supporters Club Committee will be at Stars away games. At all other times e-mail us

If I want to get involved how much commitment is involved?

That is up to you. We are always looking for a bit of extra help. It might be helping out on some leafleting to arranging to get a couple of posters put up in the village where you live. For those who are more heavily involved it comes with a health warning, in that it can take over your life.

I am a member of another sports club in Oxfordshire and a number of our members might be interested in coming to a game. What can you offer?

We can offer a package tailored to your requirements. Adverts, photos, hospitality, even someone to act as your dedicated guide for the game.

How do I get some fixture posters to put up in my local area to try and get some more people coming to the game?

Come and see us at the Supporters Club table on a home ENL1 match day or e-mail  us on

I missed the 1st “Fans Forum” Will you be having another one and when will it be?

The “Fans Forum” held on August Bank Holiday was a great success and is part of an ongoing commitment from all parties, Supporters, players, coaching staff, and the Directors of Oxford Stars Ltd to “engage” with each other. We are of course all seeking the same thing, a successful Oxford Stars.

Why is the matchday magazine called “Five Four”

We needed a title to “link” the team and the fans. What better way than from something the fans were singing supporting the Stars? It comes from the song “We’re going to win 5- 4, We’re going to win 5-4” which Stars fans started singing when the team was losing 4-0 at an away match against Chelmsford.  (Note - we did get back to 4-4 but then lost 5-4!)