More players?

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More players?

I hear more familiar faces could be returning in the form of Alan Green, Dax Hedges...
A team to challenge at the top if not win the division. We can thank our lucky stars eh

Without wanting to confirm or

Without wanting to confirm or deny anything, we will be making a set of signings at some point this week, probably later on or at the weekend :)

Any confirmed signings happen

Any confirmed signings happen last week?
Have I heard right a summer league is in place. What standard is the matches and when are they?

The "summer league" has been

The "summer league" has been an event held in what would be the normal Stars training slot and it has been an opportunity for the coaching staff to look at some players. I think we are now into, or very near too the "trials" which are the link between what you might call "open ice" and the start of pre season training. (At least I think that is how it is being done !)
I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

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