X Ice - Under 10s

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X Ice - Under 10s

Posting the link in case you haven't seen this article on the X ice played at Oxford last weekend.

X-Ice - U10's

thanks for posting that link for us Dibs i hadn't seen it, I had provided some pictures that I'm waiting to see posted on here from that day. We'll just have to wait and see.....

Xan's Dad

I actually wrote that in

I actually wrote that in response to a thread on THF where some folks were saying cross ice was a terrible idea and kids would give up hockey if they couldn't play full ice in proper leagues.  Admittedly I wasn't expecting it to be nabbed by the EIHA and added as a news article on their website... :) 
I stand by everything I said though - it was a fantastic day for the kids and a hige success.  Definitely the way forward at U10's level.

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