Who's who

Committee Members

Chairman Steve Lindley
Vice Chairman John Harrison
Secretary Jane Bundock
Treasurer Peter and Celia Bayliss
Playing Members' Representative Heidi Coppock
Player Membership Secretary Antonia Hedges
Coach Membership Secretary Trish Oliver
Fixtures Secretary Gary Dent
Child Protection Officer Claire Lindley
Head of Youth Development / Head Coach Darren Elliott
Assistant Head Coach Jeff Sykora

Team Managers and Coaches

U18 Coach - to be confirmed
U18 Manager -
U18 Assistant Manager - Nicola Orsborn

U16 Coach - Jeff Sykora
U16 Manager - John Harrison
U16 Assistant Manager - Colin Clements

U14 Coach - to be confirmed
U14 Manager - Steve Lindley
U14 Assistant Manager - Jane Bundock

U12 Coach - Bev Kellond
U12 Manager - Heidi Coppock
U12 Assistant Manager - Louise Smith

U10 Coach - Gemma Kellond
U10 Manager - Katherine Robinson