Shooting Stars

The Oxford Shooting Stars are a recreational ("rec") team that play out of Oxford Ice Rink. They are open to players aged 18 and above, both men and women, of any ability. They are particularly interested in complete beginners who would like to try the sport for the first time.

The Club was formed in April 2010 by a group of dedicated Oxford City Stars fans who wanted to learn the game of ice hockey. Since it's formation the Shooting Stars have grown from an original membership of seven to forty registered players.  Thanks to Sport England, we've been able to purchase ten sets of ice hockey kit for us to lend out.  So if you are interested in trying the sport out - you just need your own skates. The club is about getting as many people into hockey as possible. 

We operate on a strict learn and train to play basis. In short - for games, we pick players based on their commitment to training and to the club and not on their ability.   We also have picked up some experienced players who have been invaluable in helping teach the game to our beginners. We're a friendly and fun club based most on having a good and enjoyable time learning and playing hockey.

If your interested in find out more about us or coming down to join, then please have a look at the other 'Shooting' pages on this site, or email us: .