Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The executive committee is elected at the AGM each year.  There are 7 open posts and any member of the club (playing and non-playing members) may run for any post.  In the event of a post becoming vacant between AGMs, the remaining members of the executive committee co-opt someone into the vacant post for the remainder of the term.

The executive committee elect the committee chair from within their members immediately after the AGM.  The position of Manager is also filled from within the executive committee.

Current executive committee members are (* denotes position open for election at the club AGM):

Committee Chair : Nancy Barker
  • organises and chairs executive committee meetings
  • works with social secretary to organise club AGM
  • chairs club AGM

* Head of Hockey Development (HoHD) : Peter Smith
  • appointing any additional coaches
  • planning training sessions
  • team selection for games
  • chairs the coaching subcommittee
  • chairs the disciplinary committee
  • has final decision on the player awards selected by the coaching committee

* Secretary : Richards Carpenter / Karen Davenport
  • creates and distributes agendas for all executive committee meetings
  • writes and distributes minutes for all executive committee meetings
  • prepares and distributes all AGM materials
  • writes and distributes AGM minutes
Note that Richard Carpenter announced he was stepping down from the executive committee in April.  Karen agreed to come on the committee to replace him and the two are sharing the job until the next AGM.

* Treasurer : Nancy Barker / Maria Hobday
  • responsible for all financial aspects of the club
  • collects all payments from members and organises payment to all creditors
  • keeps club book-keeping up to date (any member of the club may ask to see the club books at any time)
  • maintains all club bank accounts
  • organises audit of the club books by an independent inspector prior to the AGM (for year ending prior to AGM)
  • leads financial planning of the club for the upcoming season
  • chairs treasurer's sub-committee
Note that Nancy Barker announced she was stepping down from the executive committee in April.  Maria is taking over the role of treasurer for the financial year starting in June with Nancy remaining responsible for the close-out and auditting of the financial year ending in May.

Manager : Kat Smith / Deputy Manager : Darren Turner
  • responsible for club representation at EIHA Level
  • responsible for registering all players in EIHA rec section and all qualified coaches in EIHA coaching section
  • organises matches against other teams
  • provides list of available players to HoHD for all home and away games
  • responsible for all game-day activites at home games

* Player Representative : Matty Davies
  • contact for the players to allow them to raise issues to the executive committee (confidentially is required)
  • responsible for the organisation and distribution of the club kit available for new players to borrow

* Sponsorship, Advertising and Fundraising Officer (SAFO) : Kat Smith
  • creates, maintains and distributes a sponsorship pack for the club
  • finds advertising opportunities (radio, print etc) and provides suitable material for them
  • works with the Social Secretary to organise fundraising events for the club

* Social Media and Website : Maria Hobday / Nancy Barker
  • responsible for club's presence on the internet
  • creates and maintains the club's official website
  • creates and maintains any accounts on other social media sites (twitter, facebook etc)

* Social Secretary : Darren Turner
  • organises social events for the club
  • works with the chair to organise the AGM
  • works with SAFO to organise fundraising events

Individual executive committee members can be reached via email as follows:
Nancy Barker : [email protected]
Richard Carpenter : [email protected]
Karen Daveport : [email protected]
Matty Davies : [email protected]
Maria Hobday : [email protected]stars.com
Kat Smith : [email protected]
Peter Smith : [email protected]