Are Free Spins The Most Popular Casino Bonus?

Some of you may be wondering why an Ice Hockey appreciation page is writing about casino, well this isn’t just about our love for Ice Hockey we aim to cover all of our interests which include casino bonuses. Customers are quickly turning to free spins bonuses as a great way of banking a little extra cash without ever having to deposit your own money. There are plenty of different websites which compare the best bonuses but we’ve especially found to be one of the best no deposit free spins guide for UK casinos simply because of the great selection of casino bonuses that they have available on just one site.

Some of you may be thinking what makes free spins a much better offer than a no deposit bonus, I guess for us we’ve just found these promotions to last much longer than any of the other casino bonuses simply because you can only use one spin at a time, where as with a no deposit bonus you can use it all in one go and once its gone its gone, which means you get more chances to win money from the casinos without having to deposit any of your own money, see it sounds great right?

Well there are a few downsides to these types of bonuses and one of them is the low amount of cash that you can actually win, unfortunately each spin will only count for a penny (or more dependent on the casino that you are playing at) meaning that your winnings can be severely reduced. However don’t let this put you off with each spin you take you will still get the chance to win the jackpots on many slots which can potentially make you a millionaire over night so why on earth wouldnt you try this? Sign up today and get yourself a no deposit free spins bonus.…

Oxford Stars Has A New Sponsor

Hey guys thought it would be a good time to introduce to you are brand new sponsor, these guys are growing very big on the internet providing customers with free bets giving you and us the chance to place a bet on the Oxford Stars winning a bet.

So without further a do here they are Free Bet Promo Code a place where you will be able to find promo codes like the Betfred promo code – Bet £10 Get £30 which is a great way to boost your initial bank roll and win some serious cash while watching your favourite ice hockey team play.

What you can expect from our new sponsors is they will have their logo featured on our team kit, they will be providing us with new equipment and will help sell tickets from their website for any new fans wanting to get involved in the Oxford Stars community. So why don’t you check them out today you may even win some serious cash in the process.

With the new season upon us we’re looking to raise as much cash as we possibly can, the more money we have the further we will be able to go and the better the equipment we will be able to get so we would really appreciate it if you can try and get the Oxford Stars name out there and get new sponsors on board so we can raise some more cash to help out the team.…

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