Club Info

The Oxford Shooting Stars is a beginners, non-checking, ice hockey club.

If you are interested in playing and learning the game of ice hockey then we'd be delighted to hear from you! While we do style ourself as a beginners club, we're interested in anyone that wants to join. We have quite a few experienced players join us which has helped us not just in the results on the ice but in helping push the beginners in the club along.

The shooting stars recently joined the Southern Development Cup (SDC).  This is a competition aimed specifically at new and developing players.  All teams are allowed to play only those players who have not played in the senior leagues (ENL, EPL or Elite) or at international level (junior or senior).  The club runs under a 'train to play' ethos where all players regardless of ability or experience who train on a regular basis have priority on selection for games.

If you are a beginner and are interested in joining then we usually get asked a few questions which we've summarised here:

  • What kit do I need?
    • You'll ideally need a pair of skates. If you don't own a pair of hockey skates and are interested in coming along, please contact us and we can always see what we can find. However the club does not own any skates for players, so it will depend on whether anyone has a spare pair in your size we can borrow.
      As for the rest of the kit - thanks to a grant from Sport England, we have purchased some sets of kit for beginners to try out to learn the game. While you will have to buy your own kit eventually, this allows beginners to pay for it piece by piece over time and not have to shell out for the whole thing at once.  It also means you can try out the sport to start with without having to pay for a whole kit before you even decide if you like playing!
  • How much does it cost?
    • Weekly training varies between £10-£15 depending on whether we have a 60 or 90 minute session.
    • For players who want to commit to training regularly and playing in games - we have a monthly fee of £35 a month, which includes training and all game fees.
      For games, priority is given to monthly payers over weekly ones as the monthly payments give us the financial stability to run the club and show a players committment to it.
      The club does make a charge, currently £15, for weekly players who are selected to play in home games, and no charge for away games.
      Please see the 'financial rules' tab which apply to monthly payers.
    • In addition to training costs there is a yearly fee for EIHA registration. Last season was £45 and we expect this to increase slightly for the 2012/13 season.  Registration runs from 1st October to 31st September.
  • When do we train:
    • Training is always on Tuesday night
      - Outside University term-times, we train 11pm-12:30 am.
      - During University term time, we train 11pm-12:00am
  • When/who do we play games against:
    • We currently play games against other teams that are members of the EIHA Recretational Section. In addition to the SDC Cup we also arrange challenge games and this year will play a 'town vs gown' against the University B team (the Vikings) which we hope will become a regular fixture.
    • In the summer we play games in the Saturday/Sunday early evening slots, outside of this, we play our home games Saturday 23:00-01:00
  • Who should I get in touch with?